Top Parenting Experts On The One Thing Every New NYC Mom Should Know

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August 20, 2018
8/20/18 4:15 pm

Parenting is one of the most rewarding but challenging life experiences a woman can face, and there are myriad of voices – Authors! Influencers! Bloggers! – helping guide them through the journey. But it can be overwhelming with so many people sharing tips and trades during this very personal time. Romio features many of New York’s most trusted parenting experts and providers who provide mothers with practical advice, guidance and assistance. Check out their tips below and be sure to book today on the Romio app!

Mannon Chevallerau | Doula 

"Within the NYC buzz always stay true to your inner motherly voice. Self love and confidence is the power you need to build a strong parenting foundation and to enjoy the ride with all its challenges.  My staying in tune with my inner voice as a single mom in NYC, was mostly based on being Dutch and bringing those experiences and values into my motherhood in a foreign country/city. It was always a struggle to hold on but it took me through many hurdles raising my children now 19 and 25. Of course most of the moms in NYC can not base their intuition on that, but as a postpartum, I guide my clients with tools to achieve those goals." 

Ruka Curate | Doula

"If your a busy parent with a crazy schedule its important to take time for yourself.  A good time would be when your baby is having a nap, find ways to enjoy the downtime. Exercise or pamper yourself.  I enjoyed reading a magazine or a book, it would make me feel more relaxed.  I would find a comfy place in my home and take a moment to allow myself to escape in the story. Being a mom is a 24/7 job and it can be difficult to find time to do these simple things. If you burn yourself out, you can often become resentful, impatient and overwhelmed. Taking a moment for YOU is an important part of taking great care of your children".  

Susan Nason | Parenting Counselor

"So often parents reach out to me because they are disappointed in their interactions with their children.  They are often at the point of being angry and frustrated with trying to get their children to cooperate and they are looking for some tips and techniques that work!  The services I offer through The Parent Whisperer NY help bring harmony to their parent-child relationship and they report great satisfaction with the magic of using my parenting mantra. This mantra allows parents to effectively and compassionately: Acknowledge Feelings, Offer Choices, Set Limits.  Learn to accept, connect, and acknowledge your children to support their journey to self-reliance, confidence, and adulthood.  Incorporating this three-step method into your daily parenting can help you enjoy a more open and loving relationship with your children." 

Stacey Campbell | Babysitter and Nanny

"For moms who have just moved to NYC, tap into your community. Whether your living on the Upper East Side or Financial District, there are lots of mom’s groups out there to help answer questions and even more importantly, to provide a social and support network.  Join your local Parenting group and don’t be afraid to explore the city from your new vantage point as a mom.”

Connie Viglietti | Doula and Yoga Instructor

"My advice to women starting families is to build their village. What does your ideal village look like? Like-minded women!!! So, find activities that are fun for you that offer prenatal and postnatal gatherings. For me yoga is a huge part of my life.  My birth felt like one long meditation.  I didn’t realize that this would be the case until I was riding my breath through each contraction.  I had so much power within me and I knew exactly how to dig deep and connect with it because of my yoga practice.  I try to impart this wisdom when I'm teaching prenatal yoga. I see how it brings women together and how there is a community of women all rooting for each other- offering tips, recommendations on books and acupuncturists, listening ears when moments get hard and tears of joy at the triumphs.  Finally, there are so many things this city has to offer so go find them! Romio is a great resource".

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March 15, 2018
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