Q&A with Romio Pets Expert Dr. Lisa Lippman

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January 17, 2018
1/17/18 10:11 pm

Temperatures have already dropped significantly in New York City this January. City dwellers have pulled out big puffy coats, earmuffs and gloves to brace the winter. While gearing up for the winds and snow, remember – your furry friends needs some winter protection, too!

We sat down with Romio Pets Expert Dr. Lisa Lippman, New York City’s premier House Call Veterinarian!


Romio: What is a Concierge Veterinarian and what inspired you to become one?

Lisa Lippman: A Concierge Veterinarian means that I come to you, whether that be your house, apartment, yacht, jet – wherever you need me. I travel to you and your pet to make it much less stressful. I was inspired to become a Concierge Veterinarian because I love the relationships I get to have with my clients. It’s much more personal and intimate, and I get to take the time to really get to know my patients.


R: What’s your favorite part about working with animals every day?

LL: I love working with animals every day because I love animals. Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to become a Veterinarian. I also love working with the people that come with them! I like to be around people who really love their pets. It’s rewarding for me!


R: What first attracted you to Romio?

LL: I was attracted to Romio because I love the idea that it’s based on trusted recommendations. When I make a recommendation, that person is someone that I trust who would do a great job, just as I would!


R: What does it mean to be classified as a Romio Expert?

LL: I really take pride in being a Romio Expert. It means that I can bring people I’ve worked with myself [onto the platform]. People that I know and trust, and share them with the world.


R: How do you see your business benefiting from being a Romio Expert and listing your services on Romio?

LL: My business will definitely benefit from being on Romio because it will help me get the word out there and allows people to book [my Veterinarian services] in a seamless and easy manner.


R: How can I tell if my dog is too cold in the winter?

LL: A basic rule of thumb is that if you’re too cold in the winter, your dog is too cold. Dogs with shorter coats – like my dog, Chloe – will need extra protection. If she gets outside and starts shivering, that’s a very noticeable sign that she is too cold.


R: How do I keep my dog warm outside if he/she doesn’t like clothes?

LL: If your dog doesn’t like wearing clothes in the winter but needs to, I recommend shorter, more frequent trips outside. I would also try experimenting with different types of clothes. They may only dislike a certain material or shape.


R: Is it safe to let my dog eat snow?

LL: I would recommend against letting your dog eat the snow on the ground. There are things that are in the snow and under the snow that are very unsafe for dogs, like ice salt and anti-freeze. Anti-freeze is really toxic for dogs and cats alike. It has a sweet taste, so they’re often attracted to it but it’s important that they stay away from it. If you think your animal may have ingested any, you need to get to the Vet right away!


R: Is there anything else dog owners should know about keeping their dog safe this winter?

LL: During the winter, keep your dog’s paws away from ice salts – which can be very irritating. Also, if your dog exercises a lot – he/she may need to up their calorie intake.

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing! Dr. Lisa Lippman’s Veterinarian services are currently featured on the Romio app. You can also follow her on Instagram for more tips!


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