Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide by Team Romio

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December 21, 2017
12/21/17 9:51 pm

Big things are happening at Romio HQ! We’ve been so busy with all things tech that Team Romio is a little behind on our holiday shopping...and we know we aren’t the only ones! To help anyone else out there in need of ideas, we asked around the office and gathered some of our favorite last-minute go-to holiday gifts!

Meir Sabbagh

Director of Communications

“When it comes to holiday gifts, I’m all about getting something fun and personal – but sometimes I run into a time crunch, so I’ll rely on last-minute custom sweatshirts. Especially during the winter season, giving someone a cozy sweatshirt with something personal printed on it, like a funny joke or a memorable photo, is a nice way to wish someone a warm and happy holiday. I’m actually doing that this year for my family’s Hanukkah Grab Bag!”

Sarah Stannard

Business Development Director

My last-minute go-to gift is something I can score off of Amazon Prime. I'm a really thoughtful gift giver and typically have holiday gifts waiting to be wrapped for months – so if I'm looking for a last-minute gift, it means I probably forgot or don't have time to go shopping. With that said, I would still want it to be personal. For example, I just bought my Dad a shirt and scarf representing my favorite soccer team. I took him to watch a soccer match with me when I was visiting home and we had so much fun together. It was reminiscent of him taking me to my own soccer games growing up. Since then, we watch the same matches on TV from 500 miles away and it's a fun way to keep in touch!”

Kenny Kim

Product Manager

"My last-minute go-to gift is a quality water bottle like Hydroflask. We all drink water (or should!) and this one keeps cold water cold all day! It’s also great for the holiday season because it keeps liquids like soup and tea warm – perfect for cold winter days!"

Rachel Epstein 

Social Media Manager

"The holidays never fail to sneak up on me! My go-to gifts when I’m crunched for time are essential oils, fuzzy socks and a face mask. Everyone appreciates a self-pampering night after a stressful month!"

Paul Fix  

Creative Director / Copy Chief

“My last-minute gifts are just plain gifts, because they’re all last minute. I’m a terrible procrastinator. My favorite place to shop? The place that’s between where you are and I am before I meet up with you. So surprise! It's probably a Starbucks gift card.”

Zen Pace

Business Development Associate 

"Last-minute gifts are all of my gifts and all of my gifts are books, because then I get to borrow them later! We all have dynamic personalities and I love giving someone a book like "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran because it connects with everyone on a fundamental level."

Chris Budden

Chief Marketing Officer

“With all the recent news and attention around cryptocurrencies, why not give a gift that may (or may not) keep on giving? At the very least, it will spark an interesting discussion around the living room. Sending someone a small dollar amount in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin and then getting them set up with a wallet like Coinbase could be a fun gift and activity for those interested in getting involved. As long as you only invest what you are willing to completely lose!”

Well, there you have it…now get shopping!


As we say farewell to 2017, we’re looking forward to launching officially in the new year! It’s sure to be an exciting year for us and we invite you to follow along on our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels!

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