Five Life-Changing Beauty Tips For Women Of Color

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June 25, 2018
6/25/18 2:36 pm

Navigating the crazy world of beauty can be exhausting. Whether you’re searching for the right foundation shade, or trying to master the skill of contouring, it’s pretty safe to say that perfecting the art of applying makeup is easier said than done. Thankfully, Romio Beauty Expert, Jonet Williamson, is here with her best tips on how to perfect our beauty application. Check them out below and be sure to book her for a private glam session on Romio today!

The secret to contouring for deeper complexion: 

Here’s a technique that I like to use on deeper skin tones: Instead of applying a super dark shade to create a shadow for contouring, I like to pop in a slightly lighter color just below the cheek bone. This makes the natural depth of your skin work as a contour instead. It's kind of like the cut crease affect. 

Don’t forget importance of double-cleansing! 

The key to great makeup starts with skincare. The way you remove your makeup is just as important as how you apply it. Ever since I incorporated a double-cleanse method into my routine, my skin has truly been transformed.The double-cleanse method first removes makeup with an oil or calm cleanser, then follow with a gel/foam wash. The cleanser breaks down the toughest makeup and removes any excess oil and grit from the skin. Rinse, then apply a gel/foam wash to ensure that the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Skipping the second step can cause oil build up and clogged pores. My favorite combo right now is Glossier "Milky Jelly" followed by Cetaphil "Gentle Skin Cleanser".   

How to properly cover hyper-pigmentation: 

I am a woman of color and I do makeup for women of all shades. I know that hyper pigmentation is a real concern for women of color. I see so many women diverting to wearing full coverage foundation when they don't necessarily need it. Instead of gravitating to full coverage I'd suggest getting a good color corrector and full coverage concealer so that you can spot treat certain areas. For the color corrector be sure to select one that pairs well with your complexion. Hyper pigmentation requires a shade of orange to correct. Depending on your complexion you'll need anything from a light peachy tone to a more rusty auburn. After hydrating and applying a light layer of foundation, apply the color corrector using your fingers, set it with a light dusting of translucent powder, layer a cream concealer right over that using a damp beauty blender or your finger again and blend it seamlessly, set in place using a finishing powder. This process will give you the coverage you need without looking cakey. 

Got oily skin? Here’s how you should prep it:

I see a lot of women who prefer a semi-matte finish but are prepping their skin incorrectly. Dotting face cream on the center and blending it out is actually makes it harder to. Maintain that semi-matte finish. Instead, apply cream to your forehead, chin, and nose – then blend it to the outer parts of the face. For the center, only apply ceam that is left on your hands after distributing everywhere else.If your skin is more on the oily side, be sure to only apply rich creams to the high points of the face then blend out into the t-zones. Don’t forget to set with a finishing powder and mist with an oil control setting spray.

 Foundation/Concealer for olive/golden undertones

Finding the right foundation shade can be tough, so consider investing in a color corrector/adjust. If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect match, I suggest investing in an adjuster so you can mix into your foundation to make it more cool/golden. MAC Cosmetics and AJ Crimson Beauty both offer a great select of yellow color correctors in different tones that can be used to transform a more warm foundation into a cooler golden/olive shade.

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